Programs & Services

Programs & Services

Our fly fishing programs in Patagonia | General description

Bariloche is surrounded by a gorgeous system of rivers and lakes that present a bounty of once-in-a lifetime fishing opportunities. Lakes like Mascardi, Fonk, Guillelmo, Moscos offer great summer fishing.

The area is most known for its world-class river fishing. The Limay and Traful Rivers are must-fish waters if you are visiting the region.

If smaller rivers are your preference, the Manso and Pichileufu are also wonderful, beautiful options.

The consistent flows of the Limay and Manso rivers are ideal for fishing from drift boats (float trip), with the added benefit of reaching remote parts of the rivers not easily accessible on foot. We use drift boats entirely built in Patagonia (or rafts if drift boats are already booked).

There are at least three different sections of the Limay that are used for float trips, each of equal quality. Each section offers a full day of fishing. Half Day float trips are also available.

For a truly Patagonian experience, many of our clients embark on multi-day trips, with overnight camps or lodging on the river bank.