Fishing the Lakes in Bariloche

Fishing Roca lake Bariloche

Fishing the lakes in Bariloche area is a must, that you have to include in your bucket list. Bariloche is located at Nahuel Huapi National Park. Driving south from Bariloche, we have five lakes that offer great fishing opportunities: Lake Guillelmo, Moscos, Hess, Fonk y Roca. Each one with fantastic landscapes and fishing opportunities.  At the opening […]

Silver Brown Limay River

Silver Brown Tout - Limay River

Silver Brown Limay River Fantastic fishing day with Facundo @lts_argentina. Few fish chasing the fly like crazy. Facundo caught the best one of the day wading one of the famous pools in Limay river, “El Curvón” (aka the Big Bend). It was a fantastic wild silver brown trout (not sea trout) that run from the […]

Fly Fishing Limay river.

Fishing Limay River Fly fishing in Upper Limay River (Limay Superior, Bariloche Area) with filmmaker Pablo Saracco. Fishing for migratory brown trout. Video from Pablo Saracco A day in Upper Limay river (Limay Superior, Bariloche). Limay is a gin clear river, with a great stock of migratory silver brown trout and rainbows. Both swim from […]

The Thing (tippets and leaders)


Used tippets and leaders always have been a problem. Where to put them without losing them while being on the river, or later.

Fly Tying

Fly Tying Tube Flies I´m using tube flies since a long time. But some times I got the same problem, how to get the wright materials.  Mikael Frodin is one of the Scandinavians icons for the Atlantic salmon fishing and fly tying. Since the ´80 Mikael have been developing different systems for tube fly tying.  […]