Gallegos River & LTS Explosive Light 7/8 12’6’’

Few days ago I returned back from the upper section Gallegos & Penitente River, our new destination for seatrout and brown trout. The rivers are located in the southern part of Argentinean Patagonia, wild land

We tested different LTS rods and lines in these beautiful and challenging rivers. One of the biggest challenges is the rigorous weather conditions (strong winds). The first days after our arrival the weather was good, not much wind; but low water.

One of the choices was the LTS Explosive Light 7/8 12’6’’, wonderful rod for middle size rivers like.  The first days we fish with LTS 3S FHI Line, with nymphs and small streamers.

Then the big change came, as usual.  Strong winds and heavy rain in the mountains put the rivers water level up, with some colour in the water.

The LTS Explosive Light 7/8 12’6’’ let us change quickly to the new conditions in a blink. We just picked up the sinking lines from our wallets and we were back in the game. Casting in the strong winds was not a big deal with this rod, even using sinking lines and heavy tubes.

By far the LTS Explosive Light 7/8 12’6’’ is a wonderful rod to use in middle size rives like the upper section of Gallegos, one of the most beautiful rives for sea trout. This rod will also offer a nice feeling in the fight, with enough power to deal an 20lbs seatrout. Grate choice.

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