Fishing Roca lake Bariloche

Fishing the lakes in Bariloche area is a must, that you have to include in your bucket list.

Bariloche is located at Nahuel Huapi National Park. Driving south from Bariloche, we have five lakes that offer great fishing opportunities: Lake Guillelmo, Moscos, Hess, Fonk y Roca. Each one with fantastic landscapes and fishing opportunities. 

At the opening of the fishing season (November) we usually fish with streamers casting towards the banks and weeds. At this time the water is still cold, and the trout is not cooperative to take the dry fly. Even though you will have a lot of action. 

Once the temperature has begun to rise (December), we mostly fish with dry flies, with fantastic action on the surface. 

We can do day trips from Bariloche, and multi day trips with camps.

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