Fishing School

1 Patagonian Casting Tournament - Sep 2018

Fantastic weekend at the 1rst Patagonic Casting Tournament. Great organization from @maty.iacopini and his team. Meeting new and old friends. We participate as @lts_argentina showing new #ltsflyfishing products. .
This kind of events needs our support. Hope more people and brands can be present next year.
@trondsyrstad @ltsflyfishing @lts_germany @speybrothers @ltsflyfishinguk @patagoniadrifttrips

Spey Clinic Buenos Aires AMBA

Great weekend in Buenos Aires shearing experiences on #salmonfishing and #seatroutfishing with great people. On saturday I lend a @lts_argentina demo, showing new @ltsflyfishing rods and lines.

@lts_germany @ltsflyfishinguk @trondsyrstad 
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