Spey Lesson, turns into a personal record

Spey lesson and personal record

Few days ago I teach the second lesson on spey casting to Rich. We wade Limay River, one of the best rivers on Bariloche area.

It's difficult to be focused with these pictures on the screen. But the truth it's that even Rich have more than 45 years on fishing, this was his second day on a "Spey" rod.

It's quite interesting. At the beginning Rich was no so anxious at all with the "Spey" rod. Now it's a new story, not only because of the fish landed. He found a new tool in the box.

During the first day we arrange and balance the rod. By the second day (January 16th), we already have the proper set-up. Rich was fishing one of the famous stretches of Limay River with an intermediate tip, long leader and a Prince style nymph (no bigger than #8 size hook). The pics will tell the rest of the story.

After he landed the fish, Rich said. "That was a good cast!". He was absolutely correct. A good cast it's not only distance. A good cast is: casting in a challenging spot and windy conditions, good presentation, good line management.

Rich played the fish with patience (more than 45 years playing fish!) and landed on the bank.

All my respect to Rich! Almost 70 years old, he never stop learning and trying.

"6.8 kilo brown landed January 16, 2015; guide, Mauro "MO" Ochoa; angler, Rich Shaffer. Mo is a top flight, guide, expert (and patient) casting instructor, and a great guy to be around!!! Fish of a lifetime!! Tanks, Mo!!!!! Va como trompada!!!!!"

Rich Shaffer

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